The Traitors Australia. Robertson Hotel

The Robertson Hotel is where the 2023 Traitors Australia was filmed. It is an elegant and luxurious hotel with beautiful rooms and still has some of that old world charm. We were told by staff that the whole hotel was closed to the public during filming.

Traitors Australia has been one of the most exciting series we have watched in a long time, the twists, the turns and the evil projects that both the faithfulls and traitors had to undergo, kept us glued to the television week after week.

So we went to visit the hotel where all the devilishly evil deeds took place, the Robertson Hotel. It is a luxurious, beautiful hotel, set in majestic gardens, cherubs and all. The furnishings are rich and stylish but reminding you of days gone by.

The Drawing Room with a huge fireplace

The dining room with a “to die for” chandelier

The Bar

The stairway leading to the rooms

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