Tiergarten is a huge inner-city park in Berlin, named after the ‘tier’ (dier / animals) placed here for hunting in the 16th century by the electors of the Holy Roman Empire. As you do.

Today, it’s known as the green lung of the city and includes the Berlin Zoo in one of its corners, with over 19,000 animals that help contribute to global breeding programmes.

I took a stroll on a rainy day so it was pretty deserted, which made some of the hunting statues even creepier, and the pop-up shrine to Michael Jackson (wet teddy bear and all) a little too uncomfortable.

Another of the hunting statues, quite gruesome.

The Michael Jackson pop-up shrine>

As you emerge from the park at one end, the Berlin Victory Column shines in the sky in bright gold, celebrating the Prussian victory in the Danish-Prussian War.

I just wonder how they polish the statue of Victoria at the top!

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