Trees are the most beautiful and amazing things for me. I love the way their branches are outstretched as though they are embracing all around them, inhaling all the nitrogen and breathing out life-giving oxygen. They provide sanctuary to so many animals and creatures, how could we ever live without them.

In the Kruger National Park we saw some exceptional trees, the humungous Baobab tree.

Jackalberry trees with Leopard in them.

Trees with long hanging seed pods, called Cassia abbreviate, that the birds were eating.

Trees that vultures preferred because they had no leaves so the vultures large wings wouldn’t get caught in them.

Trees that had their trunks scarred by elephants.

How could we not love trees?


  1. Cassia
    22 December 2012

    Great photos – thanks for sharing esp the one with the long pods – Cassia abbreviata!

    • admin
      23 December 2012

      Thanks Cassia for the kind comment and identity of the tree.


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