Whilst visiting the West Coast National Park, we saw this stunning wild flower with its papery flowers that are so pretty, pink and delicate looking.

We identified it from the “Field Guide to Wild Flowers of South Africa”, it is called Strandroos (English translation, Dune Rose or Papierblom (English translation Paper Flower) (Limonium perigrinum) found mainly in the sandy dunes of the Western Cape. They normally flower in the Summer.


  1. Cassia
    22 December 2012

    Love the contrasting colours

    • admin
      23 December 2012

      Thank you Cassia, beautiful flowers and just coming into bloom at West Coast National Park right now.

  2. Alwyn Carstens
    4 November 2014

    I have grown up on a farm near the small town of Koringberg. Around our school in town there were flowers growing so wild in the veld. Some flowers were white, others a strange colour of light to medium blue. We used top speak of them as “papierblomme”.

    Maybe you can advise me on the name of the specific flowers. They have straight upright stems and were hard to pick with the hand. In spring and I think part of summer they coloured the veld with a mixture of pink and blue flowers – about same as flowers when they open as in Namaqualand.

    Will appreciate if you can assist.

    Thank you.

    • admin
      4 November 2014

      Hello Alwyn

      Thank you for stopping by and for sharing this information. I do not know exactly which flowers you are referring to but growing up we used to call the everlastings paper flowers. Here is a link of what I am thinking, scroll down to see all the varieties : http://www.ispot.org.za/species_dictionary/Syncarpha%20paniculata

      If not I will ask amongst my botanical friends and see if they can give me more information.

      Keep well


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