Spring has sprung at Intaka Island and the birds have started breeding in earnest, in some instances we saw some early chicks about.

Intaka has an unofficial Facebook group run by regular birders, with daily viewings being put up there by various photographers. The really great thing about this group is that they are all so willing to assist with identification as well as to give encouragement to other photographers about their photos.

We have been lucky enough to see some lifers here such as the Purple Heron (Afrikaans name, Rooireier),

the Black-crowned Night Heron (Afrikaans name Gewone Nagreier)

the Reed Warbler (Afrikaans name, Kaapse Vleisanger) and the Cape Canary (Afrikaans name, (Kaapse Kanarie).

Here are some of the photographs we have taken there this past week.

Red Bishop (Afrikaans name, Rooivink)

Spoonbill (Afrikaans name, Lepelaar)

Glossy Ibis (Afrikaans name, Glansibis)

Cape Weaver (Afrikaans name, Kaapse Wewer)

Hope you enjoy them.

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