The leopard tortoise has beautiful markings on their shell of which no two are identical, just like the human fingerprint.

They are the third largest tortoise in the world and have been known to reach a shell of 28 inches long and a weight of 120 pounds (54 kgs).

They are widely spread across most of the drier areas of Africa. We saw these in the Kruger National Park.


  1. michael
    13 September 2015

    I own one of the tortoise that i found on the street and i want to take care of it.I need some advice on how to take care of it,food,shelter and so forth

    • admin
      27 October 2015

      Hi Vumile, To keep a wild tortoise in South Africa requires a special permit. Rather leave your vegetable tops and leaves out for him and if he is hungry he would eat them. Their diet is quite complex out in the wild and varies from flowers and leaves.


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