The Egyptian Goose (Afrikaans name, Kolgans) is really a large goose-like duck. They are found everywhere around wetlands and the grassy areas around the edges. Egyptian geese feed mainly grass and seeds.

The goslings are so fluffy and cute. We have seen some mothers with 14 chicks, unfortunately they do not all make it through to adulthood.

These juvenile Egyptian Geese are at the gangly teenage stage.


  1. Tammy
    17 April 2012

    My husband & I just got back from Bandera, TX and we have seen several of these ducks on the Medina river there. Are they native to TX?

  2. admin
    17 April 2012

    Hi Tammy

    The Egyptian Goose is a native to Africa but has been introduced into many other countries over the years.


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