The Dark-capped Bulbul (Afrikaans name, Swartoogtiptol) has a wide range and is found everywhere from manicured gardens to the savannah to the forest edge. It has a lovely song that sounds like “sweet-sweet-sweet-potato”. It feeds mainly on fruit, seeds and flowers. We found this one near the Satara Camp in Kruger National Park.

The dark-capped bulbul can be differentiated from the Cape Bulbul by its black eye.

They are such beautiful birds that are very vocal, making sure they will be seen.


  1. Fred Montenij
    21 June 2017

    Am i allowed to use bird pictures from your site for my own website


    Fred Monteny
    The Netherland

    • admin
      9 July 2017

      Hi Fred,

      You may use our photos as long as you put a link back to our site.


  2. Yona
    10 September 2021

    Hi there i live in Butterworth, Eastern cape transkei area, i have always been fascinated by the dark capped bulbul bird as alot of them literally feed of our garden as a spiritual person i have always wondered behind what brings birds near by the household. Today it decided to take a walk literally all the way to the door, here i am thinking it is injured but toy surprise it was just lurking. Any spiritual connection to these birds or stories around them it would help alot. Thanks

    • admin
      5 March 2023

      This is what I found online, hope it helps.
      The bulbul is a symbolic messenger of peace and joy, a beloved bird in many cultures across the world. For centuries, it has been seen as a spiritual being full of wisdom and mystery – its graceful beauty and melodic song mesmerizing us with hope and joy.


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