The Burchell’s or Plains Zebra differs from the Cape Mountain Zebra in that the stripes run right under the belly in the Burchell’s and the Burchell’s has shadow stripes. The Burchell’s Zebra also has shorter ears than other species. They are really beautiful animals.

Normally seen in small herds, but we saw some large herds and often a single zebra would team up with a herd of Impala, as our guide explained, safety in numbers. We saw them teamed up with Impala and wildebeest.

Males fight quite viciously to gain or retain their mares. Mares give birth to a single foal after a gestation period of about 375 days. Foaling usually takes place just before the rainy season.

On our visit to Kruger National Park we counted ourselves lucky to have spotted this cute little foal.

The Afrikaans name for Zebra is Sebra, Zulu name is Idube and Xhosa name is Iqwarhashe

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