The Black-collared Barbet (Rooikophoutkapper, Afrikaans name) occurs throughout the Kruger National Park, mostly in wooded areas. Their nests are usually excavated into tree stumps.

Their main food is fruit and particularly figs.


  1. Bianca
    20 January 2016

    Hi guys
    I have a baby rooikop houtkapper that I found almost dead in our garden…i would like some advice on how I can make him strong and healthy again…I’ve been feeding him mashed fruits and bananna purity . He is injured…left wing and left claw is broken…
    Please help with any advice .
    Thank you
    Bianca van Dyk
    082 092 0035

  2. admin
    19 April 2023

    Hi Bianca

    Your best bet is your nearest Vet, hope the young bird survives


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