Kalk Bay An Ancient Harbour

Kalk Bay is an old fishing village of Cape Town. It lies on the east coast of False Bay with much of the town built on the slopes of mountains. This is a place of fisherman going out to get their catch and returning to the harbour wharf to sell their freshly caught wares.

The fishing boats, with their nets onboard, that the men go out in.

The Lighthouse

The fishermen bringing in the harvest

This is the easy way to manoeuvre the boat, it is a great solution and it allows you see where you are going at the same time.

The snoek catch coming off the boat

The snoek catch laid out for auction

The haggling at auction

An old rowboat in the harbour

The Cape seals so happy and eager for any offcuts or scraps coming their way.

Anything for me please?

And once the day is done, what else can you do.

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