Intaka Island

Intaka Island is a unique example of nature conservation and urban development co-existing in harmony. A veritable island existing in the middle of an area surrounded by offices, shopping centres and high rise buildings in Cape Town.

Juvenile Darters waiting for Mom or Dad to bring them some food

Carpenter bees are kept very busy among all the flowers to be found here.

New life abounds here we have some Egyptian Goose ducklings.

The beautiful Malachite Kingfishers breed and thrive on Intaka Island.

A View from one of the bird hides at Intaka where we have spent many happy hours watching all the happenings that take place there.

Cape White-eye eating berries.

A Purple Heron with lunch

Cormorants exchanging courting gifts.

One of the artistic signposts guiding you around Intaka Island

An altercation for position

Chameleons hiding in plain sight

Little Grebe in a hurry

A Four Striped mouse finds food here too

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