malchite 1

This sequence of photos was witnessed at Intaka Island, in Century City.

malchite 2

At fist all seemed normal with a beautiful Malachite Kingfisher sitting on a perch looking for some fish, and then it perceived a threat.

malchite 3

A second kingfisher arrived and tried to take the perch over from the first one.

malchite 5b

Now the duelling started with wings outspread and swords drawn they proceeded with a fight.

malchite 4

A couple of thrusts and parries to and fro.

malchite 5

Then the beaks locked.

malchite 6

Now they tried to twist each others heads.

malchite 7

Now trying to bash each others heads in against the perch. There was no clear winner here as after a while they both flew off. This was quite a sight to witness.

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