On a drive up the West Coast road we caught sight of this handsome Steppe Buzzard (Afrikaans name Bruinjakkalsvoel). He seemed quite at home just sitting alongside the main roadway as though he was awaiting some drive through quick meal. We drove on until we could find a place where it was safe to turn around and went back and there he was still waiting. What excitement to see this big bird, seems that they are commonly seen at roadsides and a common summer visitor being one of the most common medium-sized raptors.

Feeding mainly on small mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Afrikaans name for the Steppe Buzzard is Bruinjakkalsvoel.

A little while later we saw another also sitting on a post at the roadside but we were unable to safely stop for a pic as the road is very narrow and dangerous with cars moving in to the yellow lane to allow other cars to pass.

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