The Elephant (Afrikaans name, Olifant) museum at Letaba (Kruger National Park) identified this tusker as Masthulele. He’s also included in a book on the great tuskers of South Africa, but as a much younger bull with shorter tusks. He’s grown a lot since then – and what a magnificent sight to see. What a privilege to witness in real life. We were so fortunate to see him right from the bench in front of Melville House in the Letaba Camp in Kruger National Park.

A herd of young elephant bulls being led by Masthulele to the river.

An adult elephant eats 100-200kg of vegetation a day. He must be eating six times that to produce enough energy to carry those tusks around all day.

The elephants stayed here for almost an hour, chomping away at the succulent green reeds.

A view of the entire herd feeding alongside and in the Olifants river in the Kruger National Park.


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