KNP strange Blksmith Plover 2

We came across this Blacksmith Lapwing (Formerly known as Plover), Afrikaans name – Bontkiewiet, near Skukuza in the Kruger National Park. The one bird looked very strange with the general look and build of the bird being a Blacksmith Lapwing but the colouring being all wrong.

KNP strange Blksmith Plover 3

We sent a photo to Trevor Hardacker for identification and he responded saying, “They are the offspring of a hybrid pair of Blacksmith x White-crowned Lapwings which live in that area.” Apparently they have been causing some confusion for the past couple of years.

KNP strange plover

We later saw this second one, not such a great photo as it was far away, this was about 6km away from the other one and as can be seen it is quite different in colouring.

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